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Reading Glass

Due to their ability to fold and thus to be stored in a Modern, compact and durable orange, you will always have with you, Whenever you need. * They are made of high quality materials and the lenses are durable Scratches, so reading will be more accessible at any time you want.

Cramer of Copenhagen

Folding Readers from Cramer of Copenhagen are new reading glasses with a design Unique European, made of the highest quality materials. Folding Readers from Cramer of Copenhagen are here to solve one of them The most common problems faced by people who always need it A pair of reading glasses.

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Folding Readers are specially designed

Cramer of Copenhagen's eye glasses in elegant and classic design are made of high Quality materials such as stainless steel in the scalp and copper bow. They maintain High shelf resistance to scratches so your vision remains crystal clear. And they It has extremely easy folding and storage in the protective case. With age's right, most of us need help from a pair of reading glasses. And it's on all these possible and impossible occasions you often do not have them. Cramer of Copenhagen remedy this with our folding reading glasses! It's easy!

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