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  • Power Vibration Fit

Power Vibration Fit

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Product Information


Unit model: Machine

Package weight: 0.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

Product Description

  • Product: Power Vibration Fit
  • Ergonomic design and have a novel streamline shape.
  • LED display time and speed. 
  • Design 199 speed gears to meet the needs of different groups of people.
  • Solid structure 
  • Add elastic pull rope to auxiliary exercise, which makes the effect better.
  • Load 130KG because of its high stability DC motor.
  • Current overload protection, anti interference and anti static function. 

Power Vibration Fit Package Included

  • Accessories description
  • Mainframe  MOTOR
  • Accessories: Power cord
  • Remote control
  • Elastic pulling rope

Product Detail

Operation Instruction
1.stand on the machine and then press the button "Start/Stop" to activate machine.
2.Refer to the above illustration to use button.  
3.If you use the standing posture, it is recommended to spread feet evenly because the distance between feet will affect the vibration effect of ultra-thin body shaping machine.           
4.If you use other postures, it is recommended to choose low speed at first to prevent discomfort caused by high speed, and then adjust speeds by the remote control.           
5.For your safety, please do not use it more than 20 minutes continuously.
Operation Instruction

General fitness 
1-3 times/day
Constant speed
Weight loss 
4-8 times/day
Low motion

Pulling rope installation diagrams

First step:Pull the ropes out from the rope buckles
Second step:Make the rope handles cross through the ropes
Third step:Haul the ropes taut

Free Movement to Easy Life

On/off key: switch display (standby mode off)    Start / stop
Adjust speed    Adjusting time
Quick progress control key    Program mode key
(shortcut key for adjustment of speed 30-60-90-120    (P1-P3)


full-body exercise posture  
Bend your legs slightly to exercise your thigh, hip, waist and abdomen.
Seated posture   
Exercise your hip and waist   

Push-up posture  
Leave your hands on the pedal of the fitness machine,landing on your toes,suspending your body,lifting your breast and head,exercising your arms and shoulder.
Creep posture
Leave your legs on the pedal,exercising your thighs 

Walking      jogging   running

The three kinds of functional port.To change the motion intensity, you only need to adjust the feet distance

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